Tuesday, April 22, 2008

It's about time!!!

A wonderful man named Dan Brinton has decided to reopen Krispy Kreme out at the Superstition location. I wonder if we are related. I sure would love to have free doughnuts for life. Krispy Kreme will be opening on May 13th. I ate these delectable gems all the time, and especially when I was pregnant. When they closed down shortly after I had Gemma I said it's a good thing they didn't take away my doughnuts while I was pregnant, or there would have been some serious trouble!! Hot n ready glazed doughnuts here we come.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Gemma, Gemma, Gemma

I love this girl to pieces, but if we don't have anymore kids it will be because I'm too exhausted from chasing Gemma around and cleaning up her messes. I know you are thinking wow that is quite the ring around the tub.Oh ya. That would be squeeze butter. Tanner was taking a bath and I was obviously not paying very good attention because Gemma emptied out a bottle of squeeze butter into a bowl and then dumped it into Tanner's bath. Tanner was like a greased pig afterwards. The longer I wait to get this post up the more messes she makes. Some of these pictures are from last year. It's hard to get mad at her. Just makes me feel like a bad mom. If I had just watched her every move.


Gift for Gavin

Rob's cousin Bethany's little boy Gavin is on the liver transplant list and they are having a yard sale to help raise money for all the expenses they are going to have. Medical bills wont be cheap. Gavin is such a cutie. If you can help out by donating items for the yard sale or shopping at the yard sale the family would really appreciate it. You can also donate by going to giftforgavin.org

Friday, April 18, 2008

Free Framed Art Giveaway!!!!

Check out our Matage Framing blog for details on how you can win this beautiful picture! Thanks to everyone for helping us spread the word!

This is the picture you will receive if your name is DRAWN!
A beautiful piece of art, titled "Mary's Heart 20" x 33" Including Frame. $350 value
Here is a closer look at the artwork...

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

We are so not ready for this!

Tanner said look mom I'm a deviled egg. So cute Tanner, but that is a toilet seat you are putting around your head. Gross! I thought that yesterday might be a good day to start potty training. I would really like to just work with Tanner right now on this issue. He turned 3 in December and is definitely old enough to go potty in the toilet. One of my problems is that Gemma thinks that potty training looks like fun and she wants to try too. At first I thought it would be great to train them both at the same time, but after yesterday, I don't think so. I let Tanner run around in underwear all morning. Which isn't any different than what he usually runs around in. Tanner HATES wearing clothes, so he's always running around in a diaper. I would put him on the toilet every hour to see if he needed to go. Apparently Gemma saw all this going on and so she took off her diaper. I didn't know that she took it off because she was wearing a dress. The kids had just gone into the backyard when Mason came running in to inform me that Gemma had just pooped outside and that he had accidentally stepped in it. Disgusting. I got it all cleaned up and put underwear on Gemma. I figured I might as well see what happens. I put Tanner back on the toilet. Nothing. Five minutes later he wet his underwear. Thirty minutes later he pooped his underwear!!! While cleaning up that mess Gemma wet her underwear. 2 poops + 2 pees + nothing in the toilet = 2 diapered children. I don't remember it being this hard with Mason. I don't really even remember having to potty train him. Mason went to his Grandma's at least two days a week while I worked. Maybe she is the one who got Mason potty trained. That sounds like a good idea. Lets go to grandma's house everyday for a couple of weeks and see if she can help me get these other two kids trained. Tanner absolutely positively has to go to preschool this fall, and I would love to get him into a summer preschool, so really I only have 2 months to get this all taken care of. Oh man! This is not going to be pretty, but so worth it when we wont be having to buy diapers and wipes anymore.