Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What a Lovely Day!

Goodbye summer!
Hello 2nd grade round 2! Mason has been soooo good about me deciding to hold him back. It was a hard decision. One that I thought about after kindergarten, and 1st grade. His teachers just kept saying Mason is so smart don't hold him back. I know he is smart. His IQ is in the 99th percentile but it wasn't showing in his work. He has struggled every year. So I went against the teachers advice and made a MOM decision to hold him back. He used to be the youngest in his class now he will be the oldest. He was one of the tallest kids in his class last year, so I hope he doesn't stick out too much this year. I love you Mason. I hope you have a great day and make lots of new friends!

These 2 will be in the same preschool class starting in a couple of weeks. We are all very excited! Bless their teacher. They better behave themselves!

Monday, August 10, 2009

9 amazing years down, an eternity to go

Today it’s my (the husband of the most beautiful bride in the world) turn to use this blog to publicly tell my wife how madly in love with her I am. It was 9 years ago this very day that she made me the happiest man in the world. At that time I was sure life could not get any better, I mean what could be better than marrying your best friend? Well I was wrong, it does get better! Better every single day for 3,285 days! I never could have even imagined back than the absolute joy she would bring into my life. She has been so kind, so patient, so loving and so supportive. I know for many, 9 years is nothing, but when you’re putting up with all that she has, me included, she gets credit for at least double that amount of time. Besides she shared with me her love and friendship for 5 years before we were married.

Julie has given me 3 beautiful children who light up my life, she is so good with them, and they love her so much. She is so good and patient to put up with taking care of their every need. I know it’s not easy, they sometimes try my patience and I’m only with them a fraction of the time. There is no greater sacrifice than that which a mother makes, and I want her to know I will love her forever for being willing to give of herself so selflessly. She has also been a shining example for her siblings as we have been blessed to have them become a part of our family.

Julie has always stood by my side, a couple of years ago when the opportunity to open our own business arose; it was her support that made it all possible (and a gracious loan from loving parents). I know she was nervous about the amount of risk we were assuming but her vote of confidence made me fell like I could do anything. That means so much to me, I am so blessed to have someone that believes in me and supports my dreams. Sometimes at night while she is sleeping I lay there staring at her, wondering how it is that I am so blessed, surely I don’t deserve all that she has given me.

Happy anniversary Julie, I wish I could say it in better words, but always know, I love you, oh so very much!

She was hot back then, but somehow she just keeps getting prettier each day!