Tuesday, May 13, 2008

We were having such a good day.

Gemma was having a good day and then around 5:30 tonight I was carrying Gemma from the kitchen into the family room when I slipped on the tile floor sending Gemma face down into the floor. Immediately blood started coming out of her nose and mouth and she had a big goose egg on her forehead. I lost all control and just started crying. I know that's not good because it just upsets the kid more to see mommy crying, but I couldn't pull it together. I called my sister-in-law who lives down the street to see if she could come over to help me get a hold of myself. With me crying and Gemma crying in the background the only thing that she understood me saying was come over, and she did. Thanks Staci!!!!! After I called Staci I called Rob and told him to come home because we needed to take Gemma to urgent care. I don't think he really understood me either, but he also closed down shop in a hurry and came home. So what do you think. I thought for sure she broke her nose and lost half of her teeth. It was so sad.

Well Gemma was such a good girl at the doctors office. She actually slept through most of her exam. She didn't have a nap today and after all that she went through she was so tired. The doctor said that the nose looks straight and she has all of her teeth. She is just going to have a really big bump on her forehead, a swollen nose, and a puffy lip for awhile. Gemma told the doctor my mommy dropped me. It made me feel so good. The doctor was very kind and gave me a hug, and let me know that Gemma was going to be fine. Good thing we got family pictures out of the way last week!!!

I'm throwing this picture in for fun. Rob made me this plate shelf display case for me for mother's day. I've been wanting something to display my cute plates and mugs, and this is perfect! It's going to look great on my kitchen wall. Thanks honey for a wonderful mother's day!!

Happy Glazy Day's!

We have been counting down the day's. We arrived at Krispy Kreme this morning at 5:15. We only had to wait for 45 minutes to get our donuts. We walked out of there with 3 dozen donuts, a couple of free t-shirts, and a frisbee. Never leave me again sweet Krispy Kreme!