Tuesday, April 6, 2010


For a while my sister Staci used to record some of the funny things Mason used to say, as she had kids of her own her focus rightfully turned to her own children. But Mason continues to humor us daily with his phrases and thoughts on life, I'll try and do better at recording some of them;

Tonight at the dinner table:

Rob: "Boys you need to hurry and finish your dinner, Gemma is already done with hers"

Mason: "Dad I just like to take my time" (No kidding, mason has always bee a very slow eater)

Mason: "You know what they say dad, you can't rush art"

Rob: "what does that have do to with dinner"

Mason: "This dinner is a work of art"

Last Week:

Mason: "Dad, I know the secret to being a parent"

Rob: "oh yeh, whats that?"

Mason: "pretend like you are listening"