Tuesday, February 26, 2008

First Post Take Two

Here we go again. For those of you who saw my first post announcing that we were pregnant, we are not pregnant any more. With in two days of our announcement I had a miscarriage. I am doing well just a little bit confused about what I am supposed to learn from this. Through prayer I'm sure I'll figure it all out. Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers. Thank you mom for taking the day off work and coming over when I didn't want to be alone and cleaning my whole house and playing with the kids. They had fun and I appreciated it more than you will know. Thank you Heather for the yummy dinner. Everything happens for a reason. I'm thankful for my health and my family just the way we are. Well I'm excited to get this blog finally going. We look forward to sharing our lives with you through the wonderful world of blogging!


Staci said...

You are amazing.

Sometimes we never know why things happen, we just try and learn from our trials. The only thing we might need to learn is to rely on our faith during hard times. I'm sorry you had to go through this.

I'm still really excited that you are in the blogging world & can't wait to see pics of your cute kids posted:)

Heather and Spencer said...

Welcome back :) I am with Staci- you truly are amazing... and you are very welcome for dinner, it was our pleasure :) I can't wait to see your next post!!

Bethany said...

Julie- I just wanted to give you some *hugs*. I'm so sorry...you never really think it can happen to you, especially after you've had so many "normal" pregnancies, huh? I had one last year, too, before I got pregnant with Gavin.

I hope you're feeling better soon.

Doster Dorks said...

Hey Guys! Super cute blog!! (I totally blog stocked you from Becca).

Sorry about your loss. I had a few of those, and all I can say is it totally stinks. My heart goes out to you.

Keep adding pictures of the family, (I can't believe Robbie is a dad - wierd)