Saturday, February 27, 2010

Poor Pookie

Emily is always so good at playing with the kids and keeping them entertained, there is nothing they would rather do than spend time with Aunt Emily. One of the fun things they like to do with her is ride on the back of her bike. Well, the other night it was Gemma's turn and some how she got her foot caught it the wheel spokes of the back tire as they were riding down the street. And well, the pictures tell the rest. Immediately it was bruised, swollen and bleeding. We thought for sure it was broken because of the large bulge and the way her ankle looked so bent.
Rob took her to urgent care while the rest of the family met for dinner for Craig’s last night home. Fortunately it was not quite as bad as it looked and according to the x-rays it is not broken. Just a pretty good sprain, with some tearing of the soft tissue around her ankle and of course some really good bruising.

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Heidi Brinton said...

this makes me sad to look at!