Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Princess Gemma

Even though we really miss Craig around here, us girls were excited for him to go. Emily and Gemma have been sharing a room for the past 3 years. It was pretty crowded in there, and Emily had given up on trying to keep the room clean. Now that Craig is gone they each have their own room! I think Emily was moved into her room before Craig even boarded his plane to Utah! I was excited because my mom and I made this tent for Gemma for Christmas and I finally had a place to hang it up. It has been nice with Gemma being immobile because she can't make as many messes.

This is Gemma's foot 9 days after the accident. Not good. I got her in to see an orthopaedic Dr. last week and they felt like there might be a crack in her fibula, but with all the swelling it was hard to tell. They put her foot in a cast splint and wanted to see her back in 4 days. I had to cut her pants to get them off of her that night. Wouldn't fit over the cast.

So here is Gemma's leg after her appointment yesterday. So pretty! Just for St. Patricks Day! Gemma loves it! I was amazed at how much better her foot looked when they took the splint off. All the bruising that you see in that picture was pretty much gone and the swelling had gone down a lot. They decided to treat it has if her fibula is broken. She will have this cast for 2 1/2 weeks. After that they will x-ray it again and be able to determine if it really did break. Either way this cast is giving her ankle the support that it needs to heal. My goal this week is to get her walking again!


Sarah Pace said...

poor girl! thats gotta be hard on you to having to haul her around everywhere! Love the Tent!!!! you did a great job!

Kendra said...

Her room looks so cute! How fun!! I'm glad her foot is finally getting better. Doesn't look like much fun.

Matt and Staci said...

Pretty green cast with a shamrock! :)

LOVE the room!!! I think it is so funny Em moved out so quick:) She deserves it! Every time I see that tent, I just can't believe how cute it is!

The Giffords said...

Wow, i am so impressed by that tent. It is awesome, makes me wish I had a girl. Poor Gemma, but atleast her cast is stylin'!

Heather said...

I love her room! I need to see it in person! Then I'll have to some how convince you to make a pretty tent for Madyson :)