Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I've got a floater!

The boys are on their 5th day of swimming class and it's not going so well. The 1st night they started in the baby pool which they thought was great! After the 1st night they moved to the big pool. The instructor still can't get the boys to go under water. There are 3 instructors for this group of 12 kids. 2 instructors each have 5 kids while the 3rd girl gets Mason & Tanner. All the other kids are learning how to swim and my boys are sitting on the steps blowing bubbles in the water. Last night Mason made a big scene by standing on the edge of the pool just screaming because he was afraid to jump to the instructor. He wouldn't have even gone under water because it was the shallow end. Needless to say he did not get his promised reward for being a good swimmer. He got home all upset and ran into the bathroom and started splashing water all over his face trying to show us that he could go under the water. It's a little too late buddy. Mason said, "I guess I'm just a dead fish that's never going to learn how to swim!" I think we might need to find a private instructor. On a good note, I guess, Tanner qualified for the preschool program. They didn't diagnose him with anything. They just told me to research autism spectrum disorders, because he has a lot of those symptoms. I think that Tanner will be a lot like Mason. There both really smart it's just figuring out how they learn so that we can be better teachers. Happy summer!!!


Matt & Staci said...

They will get there eventually. Some kids just have a fear of water. I loved his "dead fish" comment. Are swimming lessons over or do they still have some more?

Amy said...

Hang in there! Hallie didn't like her class until the very last day (after 3 weeks!). I was ready to quit, but was glad I didn't. I know it's different, but they will get better! I think Mason would do great with someone one on one, and no pressure!