Sunday, June 1, 2008

My little blue man

So I ordered this off of ebay last week. It's called a body sock. Mason used something similar to this in occupational therapy at the school, and I thought that Tanner might benefit from using it. He seems to like it. Tanner goes in this Friday for a complete evaluation with the school system. If he qualifies then we wont have to pay for preschool and he will get additional help depending on his strengths and weaknesses. Regardless of whether or not we have to pay for preschool he is going. I'm just looking for some help with how to handle my son. It has been a frustrating couple of years. I just want to understand what is going on with Tanner and why he does all the things he does, so that I can help him to have a normal happy childhood. I love this boy so much!!!

Some of you have asked what the heck is that blue thing your kid is in. Here is what one website has to say about it. Body Sox (tm) will help children with sensory processing disorders to work on "position in space" skills. They must kinesthetically feel what their bodies are doing and how they are coordinating their body movements. Watching themselves in a mirror, or creating shadows, will help them develop this proprioceptive sense , which is often dysfunctional in children with sensory integration dysfunction / sensory processing disorders .

The last critically therapeutic activity the "body sock" provides is heavy work/deep pressure input that is both calming and organizing. Through all of these movement activities in the lycra "body sock", they will have comfortable, resistive material to push against and have pushing against them. This will benefit both children (or adults) with tactile defensiveness as well as the sensory seeking kids (you know them...the movers, shakers, crashers, endless "energizer bunnies"!)

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Matt & Staci said...

I LOVE Tanner's little voice coming from the blue body sox:) I have NEVER heard of this...but looks like he LIKES it!