Monday, March 24, 2008

Fun family night

Just so you know I stole the following post off of my SIL Staci's blog. She is so good at posting, and you can probably read more about my kids from her blog than from my own. I love my son Mason. He says the craziest things. Enjoy!

For their FHE lesson, Rob explained the "Plan of Salvation" to their kiddos.
It was really cute.
They are the best parents.
The kids had fun coloring.
Parker had fun eating the crayons.

I'm still laughing about this lesson.
Mason(above in yellow shirt) is 6 years old & he is so funny!
Rob was explaining the 3 degress of glory & explaining them as the "Sun" "Moon" & "Stars"
1st of all...Mason caught on that his dad said that you must be baptized to go to the Celestial Kingdom or "Sun" now Mason wants to be baptized:)
He has been afraid of the whole "dunking under water" part of a baptism...good job cured your son with one FHE lesson!
Next...Rob goes on to explain that if he goes to the "Sun" he will become a King.
Mason excitedly tells us that "I will tell all my servants that EVERY day is my birthday! and "I will carry a wand" and...and...and...other "king-ly" things he was going to do.
Rob goes on to say that he can create his own world...
to which Mason tells us that his world will be "Cybertron Planet!"


Staci said...

Steal Away:)
I'm a LITTLE obsessed with my nieces/nephews, so you can steal my pictures/post anytime! Speaking of...I need to email you the Easter & Camping pics, so you can write a post on them:) I'll get right on that!

Skinner said...

Family Home Evening always has great conversations in our home too. It's amazing what the kids pick up on.