Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Emily!

I feel so blessed to be able to have my brother and sister living with us. They are such good kids. So far I haven't had to worry too much about them dating and driving. Craig is 17, but no license and hasn't really dated because of the whole drivers license issue. Emily just turned 15 on the 21st, and let me just tell you that I am dreading next years birthday. Rob is going to have to buy a shotgun, and write up some interview questions for any boy that wants to date Emily. I wonder if my parents had those same thoughts when I turned 16. My sister-in-law Heidi, who by the way is so cute, turns 16 next month and she is sooooo excited to date. Last night we were over at my in laws and Heidi was saying how she can't wait to turn 16. Heidi's older sis Staci informed her that she was still going to have to wait for the boys to ask her out. Heidi said, "Oh that is not going to be a problem. I already have like 6 dates lined up." Watch out. Is this what I have to look forward to? Anyways back to Emily's birthday. Emily was super busy on her actual b-day, so the next day we picked up some of her friends and we went to MFY for frozen yogurt, and then we went next door to the nail shop and we all got pedicures. It was so much fun! Here are some pics. from our fun day. I'm bad and forgot to bring our dig. camera, so these are pics. from my cell. Hope there ok. Thank you Emily for being a great kid! Love ya!


Staci said...

So much fun! I LOVE Pedicures...even though I have only had 2 in my whole life.

You are such a good sister/mom to Emily, I know she feels SO LUCKY to be living with you. And HOPEFULLY she won't be QUITE as excited as Heidi is to date!

Mike, Kim, and Zane Gifford said...

Happy birthday Emily. Julie, you are so lucky to have such a great sister and so much help at home.

Pedicures are such a great birthday indulgence.